The role of the producer is fundamental to the filmmaking process, yet building a rewarding, sustainable and flexible career is a challenge that faces pretty much every emerging producer in the independent film sector. This summer Creative England is launching two exciting initiatives targeted at supporting and empowering producers as they take on the practical and creative challenges of the current filmmaking landscape.

Producer Hothouse

Launch: July 2016

Selection: 4th August 2016

Duration: 6 month placement. October 2016- March 2017.

Producer Hothouse is an intensive professional development programme in which up to ten successful entrants will have the opportunity to undertake a six-month placement with an established production company.

The potential host companies are incredibly well respected, such as Sheffield's Warp Films, known for producing Dead Man's Shoes and This is England, and Ridley Scott's London-based Scott Free Productions, known for producing Before I Go To Sleep. Other companies on the impressive roster include 42, Altitude Film Entertainment, Number 9 Films, Pulse Films, Trademark Films and Vertigo Films.

The hothouse, open to producers based outside London who are on the cusp of a first or second feature, will give successful applicants the chance to tackle the complexities of running a film business. It will offer an ongoing meaningful professional development opportunity for producers within the host company, whilst also allowing them space and time to progress their own projects independently.

During the period of the placement successful applicants will receive a professional development bursary award of £9,000 plus an allocation towards relocation costs/expenses. Producers must be based outside London in England or Scotland to apply. The deadline for applications is Thursday 4th August 2016.

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Creative Producer Initiative

Launch: July 2016

Deadline: 26th August 2016

Duration: 5 x 2 day modules from October 2016 to March 2017.

Strong creative skills are an essential part of being a successful feature film producer and attracting the best talent to collaborate with. The ability to generate a project, identify the right talent for it and keep the momentum going throughout what is often a long and arduous development process are important skills any emerging producer should aim to develop. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, film producers must also diversify their project portfolio and develop not only projects for the big screen, but also television, documentaries and/or online series in order to maximise their chances of sustaining themselves.

This initiative aims to help a selected cohort of emerging producers achieve those objectives, strengthen their creative film skills and learn more about developing for other formats and platforms.

Who can apply? Emerging producers based in England and with no more than one full producer credit (feature, television).

Please make sure to read the guidelines below before applying. Click here to apply.

Supported by Creative Skillset's Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the BFI with National Lottery funds, through the Skills Investment Fund.