Creative England has joined forces with renowned European digital and creative technology studio The Imaginarium Studios to create a joint venture as an independent games publisher - developing and curating new global games content and IP across multiple platforms and applications.

This market leading partnership will enable greater opportunities for small content creators to flourish, mobilise and scale-up both in the UK and internationally - and will bring between 5-10 games to market over the next 12-18 months. Creative England's network and profile in the creative sector - coupled with the development and production experience of the Imaginarium Studios - makes them ideally positioned to identify and support talented developers across the English regions.

The newly formed independent publisher will bridge the gap between small, independent game developers and global games publishers, acting as a crucial intermediary to broker commercial deals between the grassroots talent and the global players.

Full details, terms and conditions of the publishing offer will be made available shortly. In the meantime if you are an independent games developer and would like to express interest in this opportunity please submit your contact details via the form below. Or, for further information please contact

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