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News / February 25, 2013 / iFeatures honoured at RTS West of England Awards

iFeatures, Creative England’s flagship low budget feature film initiative, has been honoured with a special award by the Royal Television Society in recognition of its unique contribution to filmmaking in Bristol.

What began in Bristol in 2010 is now a major national project, with three more films due to be shot this summer.

The three original iFeatures films were all made on budgets of only £300,000 and tell compelling stories of the city in which they are set.

In the Dark Half, 8 Minutes Idle and Flying Blind (right) all used local crew, facilities and local actors.

iFeatures collaborations have been equally important. BBC Films have been a key supporter from the beginning, and iFeatures has also partnered with Bristol City Council, the UK Film Council, Creative Skillset, the BFI and the Film Agency For Wales.

As well as the special RTS award, iFeatures films also picked up 11 nominations, winning three, second only to BBC Features, in the annual awards that recognise the best in drama and film, network television, craft, talent, digital media and regional television news in Bristol and the West.

The winning iFeatures films were:

  • Best Actress: Jessica Barden, In The Dark Half
  • Best Music: Mike Smith, 8 Minutes Idle
  • Best Sound: Max Bygrave / Jonny Crew / Tim Owens / Wounded Buffalo, In The Dark Half

iFeatures Executive Producer Christopher Moll said: “This special recognition of iFeatures in the RTS Awards is truly an honour for the cast and the crew who have worked on these three films. All of the films have a very strong connection to Bristol, so this award is also an accolade for the city itself.”

Flying Blind producer Alison Sterling said: “iFeatures has transformed my professional expectations, enhancing my confidence, skills, profile and experience.  It has allowed me to raise my game in a highly competitive – and traditionally London-focused – arena.”

RTS Bristol chairman Andy Batten-Foster said: “The whole of Bristol’s creative community has been watching the progress of the iFeatures project intently since it was launched three years – and it’s gradually become more and more like a giant snowball rolling downhill, getting bigger and bigger and growing in momentum, with real hope that similar partnership models can now be established right across the country to make more such films.

“Not only did the productions receive 11 nominations for the Bristol RTS awards, but it has also been just great to see Bristol itself used as such a beautiful backdrop.”