The Digital Future of Creative U.K.

A new report from Booz & Company on the Digital Future of Creative UK. Jointly commissioned by Google and Creative England, the report assesses the economic impact of digitisation and the internet on the creative sector in the UK and Europe.

UK screen based industries: Powering ahead

An insight into the significant opportunities and challenges facing the UK’s creative industries. The report, commissioned by Pinewood Studios, produced by PwC and supported by Creative England, highlights the sector’s current dilemma: whilst global demand is growing rapidly and offering avenues for significant growth, so are the numbers of nations actively beginning to expand their own creative economies.

Creative Industries Council: Access to Finance

A report that reviews existing studies on the sector, examines the data and evidence surrounding access to finance for the creative industries and proposes some practical approaches to address the very real obstacles that stand in the way of creative businesses accessing the right sort of finance.


Connecting and growing creative businesses through engagement with higher education institutions

Understanding of different modes of knowledge exchange activity, gaps and disconnects and scopes the potential for new strategies and collaborative initiatives.  The report makes recommendations and contains suggestions for ways in which the AHRC and Creative England might develop our partnership accordingly.