Lottery Award Recipients

SunstoneRun It Off
Guilty Party PicturesThe 31st Floor
Wildseed StudiosFilm Enterprise - Strand A Business Planning
Blue Bear Film & TV LimitedFilm Enterprise - Strand B Business Investment
Cambridge Picture CompanyFilm Enterprise - Strand A Business Planning
Mad As Birds LimitedFilm Enterprise - Strand B Business Investment
Headline Pictures LimitedFilm Enterprise - Strand B Business Investment
White Lantern Film Production LtdFilm Enterprise - Strand A Business Planning
Paa Productions LtdPaa Joe & The Lion
Old Boy ProductionsOld Boys (working title)
George & George Co. LtdMorris Dancers
King Bert ProductionsSky Comedy Short 2017 - Jocelyn Jee Esien's Summer
MermanMorgana's Summer Comedy Short (Working Title)
Open Mike Productions LtdPacino and Bert
Objective Media Group T/A Objective FictionGiddy Up Gunty
King Bert ProductionsSky Comedy Short 2017 - Ahir Shah's Summer
Objective Media Group T/A Objective FictionEmma Sidi short (working title)
North of Watford Films LtdSnodgrass
104 Films (Film Nation) LtdDawn of The Dark Fox
Smoking Bear ProductionsWhite Riot
National Film & Television SchoolNFTS Schlorship Programme 201-17
Crybaby LtdNorfolk
Raising Films CICCloser to Home
Cannes 2016 Market AttendanceCannes 2016 Market Attendance
RoundhouseFilm Roundhouse
Hertfordshire ProConnect Hertfordshire ProConnect
Named PersonRemora
Haus PicturesEdmund The Magnificent
Little Ginger LtdSoul Song
Third FilmsI Go Wild
VWI Films LtdVivienne Westwood: Get a life
Pari Passu FilmsA Pail of Air
Wavelength Films LimitedEast of England Talent Module
Pari Passu FilmsThe Escape
John Loden LtdThe Damage Done
Named PersonBeasts
Inflammable Films Devil's River
Scoop Films LLPSome Sweet Oblivious Antidote
Bridge Way LtdThe Fall
Sweetdoh LtdVoid and Method
FACTFACT Film Maker Talent Programme 16-17
Candle & Bell LimitedSTINE
Forty Foot Pictures LtdEarthy Encounters
Blonde to Black Pictures Two for Joy
Saturday FilmsAngell Town
Jeva Films LimitedI'll See Myself Out
Parkville PicturesStalker
Rooks Nest EntertainmentSurge
Pistachio PicturesSomething Changed
Shoebox FilmsSweet Maddie Stone
Finite Productions LtdLost & Found
Rosetta Productions LtdLynn & Lucy
The Quarter Film LtdThe Quarter
The Runaways Film LtdThe Runaways
Mass productions LtdCassandra At The Wedding
Inflammable FilmsThe Brink
Essential Cinema LtdThe Moushole
Bonnie Film LtdWatermelon Seeds
Named personNow We Rise
Tully Productions LimitedIf You Can Hear Me
Stray Bear ProductionsThe Dynamite Room
Wellington Films LtdAny Means Necessary
Delaval FilmNight Side
Bluebird ProductionsLand's End
Mr B FilmsPackaged
Wellington Films LtdBenbecula
Artemisia Films LtdAttrition
Elephant Gun FilmsJoe & Katie are in a Relationship
Parkville PicturesPolite Society
Named PersonPommel
Loop Projects LimitedBirdy
Bird Flight FilmsPoker Granny
Hook Pictures LtdWolfblood
Banyak FilmsEman
Pinball Films LtdThe Hippies: Punk Rocked the Cradle
Rogan ProductionsLiving The War on Terror
Pulse FilmsFly Away
RoofrapperThird Films
Starting The EndNamed individual
TuesdayGingerbread Pictures
CensorSilver Salt Films
War PaintNamed individual
IN OUR BLOODForge Films Ltd
Beautiful OnesDelaval Film
Holy CannelloniSarah Brocklehurst Productions Ltd
Lion and PantherLittle House Productions
Woe is MeElation Pictures Ltd
Strange Cities Are FamiliarCandle & Bell Limited
When The Night ComesHaus Pictures Ltd