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'Adult Life Skills' Video Diary #2 - Producer Michael Berliner

How To Live Yours is the feature debut of director Rachel Tunnard and was part-financed by Creative England's Production Fund. 

The film stars Yorkshire-born actress Jodie Whittaker as a woman struggling to come to terms with the death of her twin. In spite for her struggles, she finds solace in making bizarre homemade videos with her thumbs as the unlikely stars.

With the production currently shooting, we caught up with producer Michael Berliner to discuss the road to production, advice to other producers and shooting in the regions.

To watch part one of our How To Live Yours Video diary where we talk to director Rachel Tunnard, head here.

Road To Production:

Financing The Film:

Shooting Regionally:

Advice To Producers:

The third installment of our How To Live Yours video diary will be coming soon.

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