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Interview with Auroch Digital

With the release of Auroch Digtals new game, Ogre, we caught up with Nina Adams, the Production Manager at the bustling studio.

CE: What made you get into games initially?

NA: I actually got into the games industry from a side angle. I joined Auroch Digital as the Office Manager as, being an avid gamer, I thought it would be a fun environment to work in.

I very quickly became acclimatised with that role so a combination of being left twiddling my thumbs and a skill set that suited me to production led me to helping as a production assistant and 6 months later becoming the Producer on two projects.

CE: What are you working on at the moment?

NA: Ogre is my focus at the moment, the Steve Jackson Games digital adaptation of their hit board game from the 70's. It's a classic turn-based strategy war game pitting armies of humans against giant sentient tanks called Ogres. It's been a fantastic project to work on and - as a huge Munchkin fan - an honour to work with Steve Jackson.

As Ogre will be released on the 5th of October, my next project is already spooling up to keep me on my toes!

CE: How has support from Creative England benefited you?

NA: The funding and support from Creative England has been invaluable. It has trickled into every element of the company and helped us get to where we are today.

As we continue to grow and mature as a business we continue to be grateful for Creative England's support.

CE: Where do you see yourself in the future?

NA: I love working with Auroch Digital and the company is growing so quickly it's hard to see myself anywhere else at the moment. Long term, I'd like to be working on bigger projects but staying in smaller companies... I find I can be myself in smaller companies!

CE: What are you most excited about in the industry at the moment?

NA: The technical advances and how quickly everything is moving. I started playing games in the 8 bit days, and most of my favourite games to this day are on the PlayStation One, but just when you think there's no way games can get any better, they do. Every time I load a newly released game and see a jaw dropping expanse I get that thrill like “I've never seen anything like it” every time, and that's what excites me.

Ogre is released on October 5th, download it from steam here

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