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'My Catalyst Moment' - Braci

I think there was a series of events that happened around the same time that really helped in boosting Braci as a whole. 

This included when we figured out the larger potential for the sound recognition platform, conducting different types of testing with users, and the cash injection from Creative England. 

Each of these points allowed Braci to excel in different ways. Before these events, Braci was a simple product aimed to target the deaf and hard of hearing and allow them to be notified to a number of specific sounds in their environments. This changed once the potential of the technology was challenged through various different testing phases with users. These users would, as part of the feedback, ask for different things; such as a baby crying, snoring and the detection of other sounds. This is when the technology was challenged and put to the test to detect these new, different sounds. 

From then on, this is what built the base of our sound recognition platform - to detect any type of sound. This also would have not happened without the cash injection that came in from Creative England and the support and introductions we received through them. Connecting with the NHS was an integral step in finding different users to test out the platform and to provide the feedback which has allowed the product to expand in many different directions. This has, and will, further increase the potential of Braci. 

This catalyst moment has definitely influenced the future of Braci. From the short term effects we see in the various different applications this platform has produced, to the contacts that have been made for future licensing of the technology to larger companies. We envision this licensing route is what will allow Braci to reach its full potential and allow this technology to be the most reliable, widespread tech used for many different applications.

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