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At A Glance: Healthcare Apps

There are an array of healthcare apps available but how can you be sure they work or if the data they present is accurate? 

For our latest ‘At A Glance’ blog, we take a look at a selection of healthcare apps currently available to download and weigh up their pros and cons. All of the products listed below are available from either the Google Play, Windows or iOS stores, so there should be something to suit everyone, regardless of your device. 

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Run Keeper Pro


In no particular order, the first app we found is for those who are already active or wish to keep track of their progress whilst working out. Runkeeper is primarily designed for those who love to run, walk or jog but can also accommodate cyclists. The app allows you to accurately measure activity and track your weight loss and provides a number of additional features that allow you keep up to date on your fitness goals.

Runkeeper is available here, on iOS and Android.

Carrot Fit

Like your work out a bit more tongue-in-cheek? Our next app is for those who don’t mind taking their weight loss goals or the opinion of their phone, too personally. Carrot Fit provides the user with controversial motivational speeches catered to each individual and their specific routine. The app frequently mocks the weight of the user and even suggests absurd exercises such as dragon mating dances and practicing punching celebrities in the face. Sound like something you’d be into?

Carrot Fit is available here, on iOS only.

Web MD

WebMD’s app features The Pain Coach which can be used to monitor pain and keep its causes under control throughout the day. This can also be useful for understanding what habits or exercises cause you extra strain over long periods of time. WebMD’s app also that includes a symptom checker and local pharmacy map information, for those who want to research symptoms on the go.

Web MD also offer other apps that include an allergy app giving people warning of high pollen for example. Their development of pregnancy and baby apps provide on the go daily updates, facts and information about their children.

For more information and the platforms, each app is available on, click here.

Move app logo


Our next app has a bit of a Big Brother element. Move tracks your walking, cycling and running throughout the day, automatically. The app logs the routes you have taken and can pin reoccurring places to create a ‘log story’ of your day’s activities. Move also includes a built in pedometer and counts your daily steps to help you keep track of your activity. What’s more, Move has a solid 3.9/5 rating average on the Google Play store.

Move is available here, on Google Play and

My Fitness Pal app

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a versatile app that can be used on both devices and desktops meaning that the app and its information is always readily available. It also boasts a database of over five thousand foods, with an option for customised meal creation allowing you to keep track of what you’ve eaten. The app can measure weight loss or gain and offers a goal for users to target that’s tailored to them.

My Fitness Pal is available here, on Windows, iOS and Google Play.

Runtastic apps


Runtastic offers a selection of apps, from heart rate monitors to cycling pedometers, each providing different features. Their roster includes a sleep monitor app, a heart rate monitor app and a six pack workout app. Each allowing the user to enter their exercise details and monitor progress via its built-in charts and tables. Runtastic's apps offer a paid pro version that provide each individual app even more depth allowing users to track themselves.

Runtastic apps are available  here, selected apps available on iOS, Google Play and Windows.

Instant Heart Rate Monitor

Instant Heart Rate Monitor

One of the simplest apps is the Instant Heart Rate Monitor. This download is almost ingenious in the way it is able to accurately read a user’s BPM using no extra hardware. The app simply uses the camera in your phone to read changes in your finger similar to the machines used in hospitals. The results can be used to measure heart rate at rest and whilst undertaking exercise to optimise a person's performance or to judge fitness.

The Instant Heart Rate Monitor is available here, on iOS, Windows and Google Play.

Gym Pocket Guide

Gym PocketGuide

Our final app is only available on Windows, but similar products are available for other devices. Gym PocketGuide is an all-around app that comes with its own encyclopedia of exercises and workout routines from muscle building to weight loss. The app can suggest a workout schedule and specific training to target particular areas and reach the user’s individual goals.

The Gym PocketGuide is available here, only on Windows.

The apps mentioned above are only a small selection of those currently available and are no way endorsed by Creative England. 

They are however a great starting point for anyone interested in using their mobile device to help them lose weight, build fitness or generally be healthier.

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