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At A Glance: Social Media Marketing

Many companies use social media marketing, but what makes some campaigns become viral hits while others struggle to reach their audience? We have looked at some of the key points that we think make a successful marketing campaign. Word of mouth is still the biggest selling point for many businesses, the only difference is, now the world can hear about your business in minutes.

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The Audience

First of all, it is about engaging with your audience, and knowing who your audience is. When you plan a campaign, look at your product or service and who you are marketing to, advertising a business loan to a filmmaker may be less appealing than a production fund. The audience has the power so you have to peak their interest. Appeal to them on a personal level, offer your product or service as the solution they require. Your campaign will only succeed if your audience supports you, so before launching your full campaign build a following and get that initial social interest.

The Platform

Although Twitter may offer the largest number of users and your campaign could become the next viral sensation, the chances are that you will be just one more tweet in the 500 Million per day. Use a platform that reaches your audience, if your potential clients use professional platforms such a Linked in then so should you. Although most platforms allow users to push multimedia content use a platform that suits your approach, don’t use Google+ if your following will be better supported on Instagram. Before launching a campaign test content across platforms to give you an idea which platforms are best suited for your campaign.

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The Analysis

Posting the right content is important but the majority of the audience you reach will not engage directly, so how do you know if you have succeeded? The use of analytics will provide you with clear stats on your performance. Looking at the reach, impact and interaction will give you the basics, the reach will be the number of people who saw your message; the impact is the number of people who opened your message to read the full content. Arguably the most important is the interaction, the audience that take the time to provide feedback, give a like or retweet are more likely to interact with your campaign. Tracking your website traffic can be used to clearly decide if your social marketing campaign is working or not. If the website traffic does not change then the campaign should be adjusted, if traffic has increased the social media content is impacting on the audience. Knowing what content and which platforms are working best for you will give you better results in the future.

The Content

The average lifespan of a tweet is less than twenty minutes, this means that for the content to be picked up at all it must be interesting to the audience. The information in a message has to grab the reader, only the most important information should be included. If the opening line is enticing people will click. Remember that the content you submit online will be seen by your audience and if they share it, their audience and so on until your product or service can be seen by anyone with a mobile device anywhere in the world. The majority of people who buy online or apply for something are usually encouraged or discouraged through social media and online feedback so make your content stand out, relevant and interesting. Images improve the impact of a post and often positively affect the audience’s interaction as well. Test your content using an A and B method, this will show the preferences of your audience and will make you campaign more focused and efficient.

The Impact


Social media marketing will increase the traffic to your site and has the potential to increase your sales or output. There are companies who have been built on their social media marketing. Some of the most successful marketing campaigns of 2014 encouraged an emotional response from the audience with tens of millions of views. Changing opinions in your audience can be very powerful, the perception of your company via social media will be the result of your campaign. Social media allows people to share content between a digital society, reaching your audience at a local level is just as important as trying to reach your global audience.

We use our social media platforms to grow our client base, increase our audience and to influence the market that we work in, more people discover our job roles, funding opportunities, blogs and the work we do within the creative sector through our social media channels.

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