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Board member, Ian Livingstone Puts Focus on ‘Imagi-Nation’ With New Creative Industries Report

Ian Livingstone CBE is a household name in the creative industries. Most widely known for his fantasy fiction game books, ‘Fighting Fantasy’, launching the ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ franchise at Eidos and founding gaming retail giant, Games Workshop; his notoriety as an authority on the creative industries is irrefutable. 

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur and champion of the games industry, he is also a member of our Creative England board; sits on the board for the Creative Industries Council; is Vice Chair of UKIE; a GamesAid Trustee and an Adviser to the British Council. As if that weren’t enough, Ian continually advises industry leaders by producing reports on the creative climate. 

The latest report, developed in partnership with PWC, is titled ‘Imagi-Nation: The business of creativity’. The report examines and celebrates the current state of the creative industries in the UK, from large scale film production companies all the way to small tech start-ups. It also highlights the specific challenges the UK creative industries faces and suggests areas that are essential to retain and nourish to ensure our creative sector continues to thrive.

To read the report in full, head to the PWC website or download it directly here.

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