Business Support and Talent Development Agency Expands Into The Creative Sector

North East based business support and talent development agency Generator has announced it will expand further into the creative sector in a move that could generate hundreds of jobs and accelerate growth in the region's already expanding creative and digital economy. 

After gaining a national reputation for first class music business support and talent development, Generator, based in Newcastle, has unveiled a new and responsive programme of support giving the region's thriving creative sector all the tools, practical advice and experience it needs to flourish within this expanding market.

Having identified a significant gap in the business support framework, Generator is now offering businesses operating in the film, photography, digital media and design industries all the support they need to develop talent and drive significant business and growth in the region. Detail on these opportunities can be found on the agency's website, remodelled in line with the new programme.

"Through our latest ERDF programme we have the resources and remit to put this expansion into practice and are already working with around 80 businesses in the wider sector,” explains Generator CEO, Jim Mawdsley.

"The sector is expanding rapidly and many people with great ideas are starting small companies. Most people in the commercial creative sector are ideas people and we recognise that they need support in making sure their businesses grow, gaining market traction whilst contributing significantly to the North East economy.

"As we learned from our initial experience with the digitisation of the music industry, we need to be extremely creative, smart, and above all agile with our approach if our support is to be successful in ensuring that these businesses grow in the North East.” As part of the new expansion, businesses will benefit from business coaching and bespoke one-to-one advice as well as a full programme of creative business events and support to drive new business and profits.

In a bold move to meet the expected demand the expansion will create, Generator have procured a new team of experts to work alongside the organisation including film producer Steve Bowden, the concept creator of the Agile Project Management approach, Fred Purnet, and North East Digital entrepreneur and Head of DigitalCity Business, Malcolm Taylor.

"Generator understands that the support we offer to businesses involved in the music industry is also appropriate to the wider creative sector,” added Jim Mawdsley. "We are building this programme of support that is sector specific to provide something in the North East that is extremely unique, cost effective and adds significant value. From initial discussions with regional and national partners, we know that our business support offer is unique in terms of approach and content - this is one of the reasons why we have so much success with our clients. We've already started working alongside partners in the region including Digital Union and DigitalCity Business to identify their client's needs and prescribe interventions that would assist with business growth.”

Responding to Generator's expansion, Creative England's Director of Business Development, Jim Farmery, said: "Creative England backs any development of support programmes for the creative sector and its great to see Generator building on the fantastic work it has done with music businesses. Organisations that can provide relevant, in-demand support services to businesses are an essential part of the growth of our creative industries and we welcome Generator's move into this area”.

Meanwhile, Erin Turnbull, Recruitment & HR Co-ordinator, of the Gateshead based global gaming and digital technology firm, Eutechnyx, added: "Eutechnyx welcomes the expansion of Generator in the North East, especially in the area of training & business support. Their programme of events really captures the forward thinking nature of the games industry, recognising that the creative sector needs a bespoke approach to training.”

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