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Creative Business Cup - Showcasing the Best of UK Creativity

Each year the Creative Business Cup embarks on a worldwide search for the best creative talent. 

As the UK host for the competition Creative England annually searches the country for achievements in innovation, sending our national winner to the Global Award Show in Copenhagen during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

This year we found six companies from across the UK that displayed flair and ingenuity in the digital technology sector and after an intensive selection period, the Sussex-based skills development team MakerClub was chosen as our UK winner. But what about our runners up? Below you’ll find more about this year’s applicants and their exciting new products...


This Birmingham-based company applied to the Creative Business Cup with a product aimed at streamlining the way we share images. Snaptivity allows users to collect images of themselves in photos taken by others - be that by friends or complete strangers. Their app does all the hard work for you, delivering photos taken of you direct to your smartphone in real-time. Snaptivity quickly identifies those featured in each photo and sends them a push notification about each snap, allowing users to collect images of themselves without the hassle of chasing their snap-happy friends and colleagues. As you can imagine, this is a must-have for gig-goers or party people who love photo-souvenirs. What’s more, Snaptivity also lets you connect with those tagged in your photos, boosting your network of personal contacts. 


Got a story to tell? Chummunity can help you tell it. Based in Sheffield, this innovative publishing site connects those with a tale to tell with freelance writers who can help bring their biography to life. The site is perfect for those eager to share their life story but feel as though they’re missing the writing tools to do so. At the end of the process, customers are presented with a hard-copy book of their story that they can share with family, friends and loved ones. Part of the product price for the Chummunity service goes towards the Chumanity Foundation, a fund that produces books to help children deal with difficult events such as divorce, disease or war. To learn more, visit the Chummunity website.

Garden of Ideas

The Garden of Ideas is an ambitious project that brings together art and popular culture in a naturalistic, rural setting. Billing itself as a ‘pleasure garden for the 21st century,’ the resort will include halls, gallery spaces, gardens and thought provoking artwork among its many immersive features. The project has the capability to host around 3,750,000 visitors per year and was recently exhibited at the UK GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai. This interactive theme park-esque resort has been developed in collaboration with The Eden Project and aims to be a regular name in the leisure market. Learn more about this larger-than-life idea on the project’s website.

Big Couch

Big Couch is designed to give independent film production a new lease of life. The platform has two main strands. Firstly, it connects the industry with experienced freelancers and crew, facilitating full rate positions and saving time for both parties in the process. Secondly, the company helps producers to optimise their budgets by helping them recruit through transparent, unbiased backend contracts. For crew, this means they can work on films they believe in whilst earning 50%-70% of their daily rates, with an eye to make long-term profits if the film is successful. The Big Couch offer combines the traditional route of recruiting and funding films with increasingly popular alternative methods such as crowdsourcing - something that they’ve coined ‘Crewfunding’. To find out more, visit the Big Couch website.

My Way Code

My Way Code is a tool designed to help boost the personal skills of those who face mental health challenges in day-to-day life. The product hopes to combat the symptoms of low-self esteem and low-confidence often associated with anxiety by helping people build up a stronger sense of identity. By using interactive platforms such as gaming, animation, video, surveys and podcasts to relay its message, the My Way Code helps people develop personal responsibility and emotional resilience. For more, visit the My Way Code website.

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