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Creative England at Cannes 2015

This week marks the return of Festival de Cannes; 12 days of exciting movie debuts where films are bought and sold and tomorrow’s leading filmmaking talents are born.

Creative England’s Film Team will be attending this year’s event to promote some of their new initiatives and discuss the continued growth of UK film. Below you’ll find some more information about our scheduled events and what we have planned during our time at the festival.

Talent X

Talent X kicks off our presence at Cannes, with an event on the 17th on the Coutts Yacht aimed at showcasing our forum for industry professionals working in film talent development. Held at Amsterdam’s Eye Film Institute in March 2015, Talent X brought together experts in the field of film to help support the development and progression of film talent in the EU and beyond. Our Talent X event at Cannes 2015 aims to showcase a report from this year’s programme, highlight our findings and reveal details for future editions of the scheme.


iFeatures is Creative England’s programme of support for micro-budget films with a regional flavor. Last year’s scheme saw the release of Guy Myhill’s ‘The Goob’, a quirky coming of age dramady set to Norfolk’s stock car racing scene and the gritty personal drama 'Norfolk' by Martin Radich. Both have gone on to find great success at home and on the international festival circuit. At Cannes 2015, our iFeatures team will be in attendance at the Pinewood Yacht on the 18th to discuss the success of iFeatures2 and reveal exclusive details about the next round of films to receive similar support.

Market Trader

Representatives from the film businesses that took part in our Market Trader programme will also accompany Creative England to Cannes this year. Ran alongside BFI and Creative Skillset, Market Trader is an development initiative set up to help new and emerging producers, distributors and sales agents understand international markets. This year’s round of Market Trader applicants will be in attendance at regular intervals throughout the festival to showcase their businesses and the projects on their current slate. To find out when each Market Trader representative will be available, see below:

  • Rachel Richardson-Jones - 15th-17th May
  • Daisy Allsop - 15th-19th May
  • Jayne Chard - 13th-15th May
  • Ivana MacKinnon - 17th-19th May
  • Kristian Brodie - 17th-19th May

All representatives will be available at various times throughout the festival. For more details on how to arrange meetings head here.

To find out more about what Creative England offers filmmakers head here or follow the film team on Twitter.

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