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Creative England CEO Caroline Norbury Joins GameCity Advisory Board

Nottingham’s GameCity Festival is currently in full swing, gathering together countless talks, interactive activities, special events and indie-gaming events to form a ‘cultural’ centre for video games.

The event also comes with the news that a £2.5 million National Videogame exhibition will open its doors to the public in March 2015. The museum aims to celebrate and chronicle gaming history and will feature old consoles and controllers. Creative England CEO Caroline Norbury will be sitting on the advisory board along with Creative England Board member Ian Livingstone.

Caroline Norbury, CEO of Creative England, said: “It’s fantastic to be involved with such an innovative project. At this exciting time for the UK games industry it’s more important than ever that we give our regional developers a chance to shine and explore the work coming from fellow indie developers.

“GameCity shares similar views to Creative England, in that we are dedicating to seeing this blossoming industry grow even further. I look forward to my continued involvement with GameCity, and can’t wait to see what opportunities the new centre brings to regional games studios in 2015.”

This year’s festival is different from previous years as it’s the first to take place at their new home base in a building in central Hockley. Until recently, GameCity was hosted by various venues in the Nottingham area, bringing gamers from all corners of the region together for a week of entertainment. There’s a lot planned for this year’s event, but key sessions include the world’s first underwater augmented reality game and a text based improv adventure due to take place in real time.

The underwater multiplayer game will take place in a swimming pool and shown at Victoria Leisure centre. Meanwhile, a handful of key industry players and developers will take part in a Live Text Adventure, including Depression Quest’s Zoe Quinn, Planescape: Torment Chris Avellone and Creative England Boardmember and gaming icon Ian Livingstone. This hotly tipped event will see players improvise a text-based gaming adventure in front of a live audience.

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