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Dev Diary - E3 - Day Three

With LA's E3 Conference over for another year, it's time to hear how our South West games studios got on during the final day of gaming's biggest gathering. 

The GamesLab teams used E3's final hours at the event to relax, reflect and check out some of the most exciting titles the showroom floor had to offer...and do some last minute networking of course. 

Read the teams' final Dev Diary blogs below...

Richard Mackriell - aPriori Digital

t: @aPrioriDigital

It was a sad day today as the E3 show was coming to an end after an amazing few days.

Having had such a full day yesterday I decided to take things slightly easier and enjoy looking at and playing a couple of the games on offer. I had a go on 'Smite' which, considering it is an almost direct copy of 'League of Legends' but from a different camera perspective, was highly enjoyable. I also played on an FPS game (I never saw a sign saying what it was) and confirmed once and for all that I am terrible at such games! 

As I was walking around I carried on looking for press and actually was able to make a connection with Mattel Toys who asked me if I would like to do an interview on camera. This was a great opportunity and I was thrilled to have been asked, the lady who interviewed me was called Emily and she was really friendly and enthusiastic. I gave the team my business card and I'm hoping that they will contact me to let me know when/where the interview will be released - I also assume that it will be passed onto senior management at Mattel who (you never know) may get in touch regarding us being contracted to help them with a project. 

Towards midday I headed back to the Nintendo booth to have a look at what was going on at Treehouse. Whilst there I saw another group of press standing around and before they moved off I went over and asked if I could give them a business card and Aperion Cyberstorm flyer. Happily they turned out to be working for Nintendo so hopefully this will bring the game to the attention of the press at Nintendo of America.

I had prearranged to meet with the other delegate who had successfully been funded by Creative England - James from Close Quarter games and we met up around lunch time. We went and had a drink in a local bar which was nice and we discussed what each of us had done at E3 and what our businesses were actively working on. It was great to hear about their experiences as a small team who were very much in the same situation as we have been. I learned about their recent mobile release 'Get a Grip' which is on Android and iOS and really hope that it’s release is a success for them. 

Finally I went to see the company Razer who make gaming hardware and peripherals. I had seen similar things on day one but I have already used Razer gear and wanted to talk to them about their newest mobile tech, their Nabu watches. We are licensed to develop for the Nabu but have yet to explore its uses for our applications. I spoke to a representative who gave me his card and if in the future if we start to develop for this hardware I will have a point of contact should we need to query anything. 

I had a brilliant final day at E3 and now am looking forward to getting home and evaluating all of the exciting things I have seen and done as well as going through my list of new contacts who I would like to get in touch within the future!

James Thorpe - Close Quarter Games

t: @Close_Quarter

With E3 coming to a close and the venue winding down, the final day proved to be a far more personable and relaxing experience. After checking out more of the triple A titles such as: 'Rainbow 6: The Siege', 'Mirrors Edge: Catalyst', and 'Battlefront 3', I got chatting to members of smaller development teams and they shared their experiences with console based development. Hearing successful and unsuccessful methods for transitioning a business from mobile to console game creation gives an overview for our own company’s growth; if we look to pursue console games in the future.  

I managed to get hold of some game journalists and discussed our games potential for some written features, which could really help Get A Grip reach a wider audience. Throughout the day I met groups of digital freelancers and promptly quizzed them on their business process for generating and maintaining projects and business relationships. It was really interesting to find out and compare differing approaches and strategies in the freelance space.

Overall E3 has been insanely eye-opening and insightful on a business and personal level. It has gifted knowledge and inspiration ready to be channelled into oncoming work!

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