Games Funding available for companies in the West Midlands

GamesLab West Midlands is open once again to provide expertise and gaming grants for emerging and established games companies in the region.

Key information:

  • Companies can apply for grants between £10,000 & £50,000 to assist in the development of a new game IP for commercial release in April 2015.
  • Grant applications must be matched by £1.50 of company investment for every £1 requested. For example, a grant of £10,000 must be matched by a company investment of £15,000,which makes a total project budget of £25,000.
  • GamesLab does not take ownership of any IP or equity created during the project and supports PC, mobile & console projects which demonstrate real innovation, originality and commercial viability.

For more information on how funding can help your games company, read our interview with previous GamesLab awardee and As Designed Games founder Adam Russell. 

GamesLab West Midlands has now closed - but companies in the regions can now apply for the Creative England Hardware, Software & Service Grants

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