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The Games Hub Announces its Fourth Round

Recruitment is now open for all aspiring games and app developers to join the award winning Games Hub. Following on from the huge success of the previous rounds where the hub helped more than 5 companies form and 50 amazing people come through the programme.

We have 40 places available for those aspiring to start their own games or app development company. The programme will run for 40 weeks starting on Wednesday 19th of October until May 2017. The deadline for application is the 30th September 2016, to apply simply fill out the form here

To find out more, read the “all about the games hub” section below. The Hub will also be hosting two open sessions on the 21st and 28th of September 2016 at 1pm till 2pm.

Those successfully accepted onto the programme will get amazing expert mentoring and support from some of the best people in the world of games and the business of games. On top of that you’ll get space at our studio at the Knowledge Gateway on the University of Essex campus. There’s also a steady supply of tea, coffee and biscuits!

And check out our previous and current teams in the “success stories” section below.

All about the Games Hub

The Games Hub is an incredibly unique, award winning games and business development studio. Created, designed and founded by BAFTA nominated and top 10 Creative England top 50 Future Leader, veteran games developer Steven Huckle of Shark Infested Custard. Stevens’s history spans almost 30 years of making games, from pixel artist to art director, with his work on titles such as Sensible Soccer, Tomb Raider, FIFA, The Sims, DJ Hero and Transformers Universe to name but a few.

Working in partnership with the University of Essex and based on their Knowledge Gateway and with the support of the Eastern Enterprise Hub, The Games Hub runs it’s exceptional and free, expert driven programme. A programme designed to enable those with the aspiration and passion to set up their own games company or enter the industry, everything they need to be a success.

In the hubs first 18 months and 3 rounds has already, in that short time, seen more than 50 people come through the programme and 5 teams set up and establish their own award winning development companies.

Success stories

The amazing Teaboy Games took part in the first round and are still at the hub going from strength to strength. Now working on their second title ‘Pendulum’, a follow up to the hugely popular ‘Fallen’ and along with other smaller projects, Teaboy have helped shape and design the programme and set the benchmark for others taking part.

Sketchbook games, founded by designer Mark Backler, joined the hub in 2015 to work on their multi-award winning game Lost Words. Set amongst the pages of a girls diary, this highly original game with its story written by Rhianna Pratchet, takes players through an emotional journey complimented with highly original game-play.

Novo Games, who also took part in the first round have just recently released their second game Mirror Dash. Founded by 3 University of Essex students Laurentiu Cotiuga, George Negoita and Cristian Olteanu.

Nysko Games and Randomly Selected, who joined the hubs 3rd round, are still with us. Nysko, hard at work with their in-depth Dwarf exploration game and University of Essex student formed Randomly Selected are on a break whilst founder Sorin spends a year in America, but will return to continue with their game Original Sin!

Our free 40 week programme is based around weekly “expert” sessions. Sessions cover all aspects of game and business development including, games design, graphics, monetization, accountancy, IP ownership, marketing and business planning. All fully supported by highly experienced people from each of their specialist areas.

Our aim is to continue help build and grow the video games industry here in Essex and East Anglia by giving you everything you need to be a success.

If you or someone you know would be interested in taking part please email or fill out the application form here

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