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GDC 2015 GamesLab Dev Diary - Day 4

With GDC 2015 coming to a close, we catch up with four of our attending games teams to find out how they spent their final day in San Francisco. 

Below, you'll find their GDC Dev Diaries highlighting the various panels, events and networking opportunities they attended and their overall thoughts on the conference.

Greg Pryjmachuk - Minsk Works
t: @MinskWorks

Yesterday was my final day at GDC and I spent it following up meetings with Oculus and Microsoft. Oculus' plans for the future are exciting, though I don't know how much I can go into detail.

After I'd finalised my meetings and followed up on everything I wanted, I decided to take the afternoon exploring some of San Francisco's sights. I took a bike and cycled to the Golden Gate bridge and ate some clam chowder in the bay area. This was a great way to gather my thoughts for planning on how I'd follow up in the coming weeks. It was also a really nice way to end the conference.

James Parker - Ground Shatter
t: @Groundshatter

Thursday was going to be my last full day of GDC so I wanted to make maximum use of it. I managed to catch up with my lawyer over a drink, which is good because for client confidentiality reasons he's the only one I call tell the TRUE story of what I've been up to this week. Later I hung out with a bunch of other British developers over a pint (naturally), and it was great to be able to demo them my game and really trust their feedback because I know and respect their work and their skills. 

It's also made me much more confident to show the game at EGX Rezzed next week, knowing I can action a lot of that feedback and really show off the best possible game to the public. The day was capped off in triumphant style at Marioke, One Life Left's video game themed karaoke night. I've been to a few in the past, and it is always a joyous experience, but to share that with devs from around the world, to have everyone singing together as one was amazing, and (in quite a forced, convenient ending to a diary kind of way) kind of summed up the whole GDC experience.

Dan Walters - Calvino Noir
t:  @Dan_Games 

Yesterday I attended several talks including a talk focused on the art pipeline, content and narrative delivery in the context of The Order: 1886, a technical talk by Intel on rendering volumetric graphics and an Autodesk panel talk on making games. I toured the expo floor and followed up on some contacts I made the previous evening at the Ukie event, and then met the Creative England delegation to round up the day. In the evening I attended the XBOX party and spoke to several developers and senior Microsoft staff including discussing my game Calvino Noir on XBOX.

Liam Comerford - Slug Disco

Today was much the same as yesterday.  I wanted to take time out from the expo floor to see some of the sponsored talks but there was still so much to cover and I was learning a lot from speaking to independent developers. I met with an educational software group working out of a school in Malaysia and had an interesting conversation on the subject of monetization of educational games, in particular, the difficulties associated with advertising directly to parents. I checked out the IGF competition nominees and was surprised at the breadth of genres, yet at the same time slightly disappointed by the lack of RTS style games (on the bright side, perhaps this means there is a gap in the market).  

I played an impressive space-shooter by a student development group created in HTML5; my first guess would have been unity, definitely something to start paying attention to. I will be flying back to the UK early tomorrow morning with my free t-shirts, a ton of business cards and a GDC teddy bear. This trip has been very worthwhile; the things I have learned and contacts I have made will no doubt benefit Slug Disco Studios in the months up to our first release.

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