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How Attending The EGX Investment Summit Changed Everything For Mad Fellows Ltd

EGX and GameHorizon, the marketing and Investment Summit that runs alongside it, have proven to be the most important events in the Mad Fellows calendar. 

In 2013, we attended the GameHorizon event and secured formal meetings with the likes of Creative England, Microsoft, Sony, Miniclip. Kickstarter and more. 

In 2014, I was invited back to GameHorizon to speak about our studio and our first game ‘SineWave’. 

In 2015, we will be revealing our brand new console title ‘Aaero’ to the public at EGX with our own stand in the Rezzed area.

We’ve been at a different stage of our business and had different goals each year and we’ve always gained a huge amount from attending.


Before Mad Fellows, I went to EGX (or Eurogamer, as it used to be known) every year as a gamer. Myself and the rest of my gaming friends have moved away all over the country so we play together online pretty much every day instead. Eurogamer became our annual meet up. We used to go to get a chance to see brand new games and play things before anyone else. More recently, the attendance has grown massively (Google tells me it was 4000 in 2008 and 75,000 in 2014) and, for me, it’s more about wandering around marvelling at what a huge and diverse industry it has become.

New Start-Ups:

GameHorizon set us up as a company. To this day, we can trace our most valuable and influential contacts back to those meetings on a single day in 2013. There are many people and companies that have supported and helped us over the last few years, but that's an example of a single thread that stemmed directly from GameHorizon.

At GameHorizon we met Creative England and Microsoft who had just announced the Greenshoots Programme which gave us funding and support to develop SineWave and have it featured on the Windows Store across the world. Microsoft and Creative England gave us opportunities to showcase the game to potential investors at Dolby Labs as well as speak at Develop and EGX/GameHorizon the following year. We were blown away to be accepted onto Greenshoots Round 2 which included investors from the initial pitch stage. As a result, we met Kuju Startups who provided support and funding for our first console title for ID@Xbox, PS4 and Steam.

Which brings us to where we are now…

Independent Studios: 

We’re super excited about EGX this year. Did I mention we were revealing our new console game called ‘Aaero’? The stands available to independent developers in the Rezzed section are heavily discounted and give us a chance to put our game out there in front of thousands of gamers, press, publishers and industry big shots. Being able to watch people play the game and talk to them about it is obviously hugely valuable for a developer, especially micro-studios that don’t have the same resources as the big studios for playtesting and gathering feedback. Having a huge collection of journalists, publishers and investors attending, it is a great place to arrange meetings and interviews.

If you’re going along (you really should), please come and find us, say hello and play some Aaero.

Head here to book your tickets to this year's 'Investment Summit' at EGX 2015 and start your game studio on the path to success. 

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