I Love Filming In... Manchester!

Manchester is the city in the spotlight for round three of our eye-opening ‘I Love Filming In' series, as we head down to the set of the BBC One drama 'Last Tango In Halifax'. For this installment, Creative England's Production Services Team offered their full range of services to ensure a smooth shoot when series two started filming in Manchester. 

This included offering advice on suitable locations, securing filming clearance ahead of production start dates and arranging meetings between the crew and relevant council and management contacts. The team's extensive knowledge of the area – and the people who work within it – helped to make Manchester the perfect place for the second series of 'Last Tango In Halifax'.

Such a smooth and enjoyable production couldn't have been secured without the added help of our Film Friendly Partnerships in the Greater Manchester area. These collaborative efforts involve Creative England joining forces with public and private sector partners, including council-funded film offices and local authorities, to guarantee that any production entering a UK region is made to feel at home. Our Film Friendly Partnerships are a key component when it comes to quickly resolving any issues a production may face when securing necessary permissions, forging relationships with key regional organisations and ensuring best practice is adhered to.

In the case of Last Tango In Halifax, the Creative England's Production Services Team and our Film Friendly Partnerships were instrumental in facilitating a car crash stunt shot in the Stockport area for the show's first series. By working with the relevant councils for road closures, this potentially difficult sequence was made far easier to shoot. In addition to the amazing location benefits, productions that choose to take their projects outside of London get to enjoy a wealth of cultural benefits too. "One of the most enjoyable aspects of the show is the great variety of locations,” explains 'Last Tango In Halifax' star Derek Jacobi. "From wind-blown hillside to crowded city center, from canal side pub to sheep strewn upland, from haunted manor to country estate. Then back to the great city of Manchester for a wine soaked supper!”

"It's rich with cultural heritage,” adds Jacobi's 'Last Tango' co-star and recent BAFTA winner Sarah Lancaster. "Lancashire offers literally thousands of acres of opportunity for any filmmaker, be they actors, writers, directors. Its backdrop compliments any storyteller's imagination. A perfect location.”

Creative England's Production Services Team handle over 1,000 enquiries each year from film and TV companies looking to utilise the breadth of talent on offer outside of London. From securing location doubles to finding the right regional crew, they have the required knowledge and experience necessary to make the whole process as seamless as possible. Plus, their service is completely free. Interested in filming in Manchester? Contact them today: production@creativeengland.co.uk.

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