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iShorts3 - 'Hell's Bells'

Distressed parents recruit an enigmatic expert on cults and mind control to kidnap and deprogram their daughter, who they believe has been brainwashed by Morris dancers.

An exciting new short film, 'Hell's Bells', will be shot in Devon this summer. Described as a psychological thriller about Morris dancing, the film has already begun pre-production. The short film has been written by writer/director Luke Jeffery.

The Team

Luke Jeffery, Writer/Director

Luke studied film at Falmouth University and since graduating has been involved in a number of film and theatre projects across the South West. In 2014 he wrote and directed 'Seeing Red', a short film set in the 1960s, which won the audience choice award at the Two Short Nights film festival. Luke claims that the idea for 'Hell’s Bells' came to him in a dream and denies the wild accusations that he is being manipulated or coerced by Morris dancers.

Charlie Coldfield, Actor/Producer

Charlie comes from a long line of Morris dancers and brought great shame on his family when he decided to pursue a career as an actor. He has previously collaborated with Luke on several projects; co-writing and producing 'Granny Eyeball' for the stage and performing in the lead role of their short film 'Seeing Red'. Charlie aspires to be like George Clooney by simultaneously producing and acting in the film.

Jocelyn Chandler-Hawkins, Producer

Jocelyn has previously worked as a runner for the short film 'Beyond the Rave', a runner and researcher for 'Grand Designs', and a marketing assistant for the Scandiland Film Festival. As well as producing 'Hell's Bells' she is currently developing the film event Through A Different Lens. Jocelyn believes that Morris dancers are nice, law abiding citizens and is shocked by recent allegations of brainwashing and mind control.


To support 'Hell's Bells', visit the team's CrowdfunderUK page.

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