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iShorts3 - 'Run it Off'

A long-distance runner who has lost his way in life, saves an uptight young cleaner from throwing herself off a bridge. After their efforts to get home take a detour, both enjoy a night-time jog through the city, during which he must convince her that she has the courage to face the next day.

'Run It Off’ is an uplifting drama-comedy that tells the story of two people, over one evening in their lives and the beginning of a new friendship. And it is running that brings these characters together. 

The short draws inspiration from films such as 'Once', 'The Silver Linings Playbook', 'Intouchables' and 'Lost in Translation'.

The Team

Liam O'Hara, Writer/Director

Liam has been a cinema projectionist, written for film magazines such as 'Hotdog' and now creates corperate content as Creative Director of Sunstone AS. He has run community filmmaking projects with the BFI and is the double-award winning writer/director of The Grendel Toots.

Liam says of 'Run it Off'; "Running helps your brain more than your body. It can take hours to burn away the extra calories in that lunchtime bag of crisps, but just minutes for a jog to wipe away all the stress and worry of a whole day. There's something magical and cinematic about taking characters with real problems and making them run to resolve them."

Will Shutt - Writer / Producer

Will has recently worked on 'Fuzzbox' a BBC Three 'Feed My Funny' pilot with MyPockets. He's also collaborated as Assistant Producer with the band Elbow on last year's 'Lost Worker Bee' EP, released by Meat Bingo.

Will is currently a key member of the BA Film Production Course at the Arts University Bournemouth, whilst producing creative content in Norway and the UK with Liam, as part of Sunstone AS.

Will adds of the film; "In times of great despair and pain is the opportunity of growth. It's bittersweet, but it's in these times that we do the most learning. We become stronger and better people. In our story, this begins with our characters coming together and starting their newfound friendship, realizing what running has the potential of doing."


To support 'Run it Off', visit the team's CrowdfunderUK page.

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