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iShorts3 - 'Surf'

A dangerous voyeur uses an online home B&B service to travel across the UK and makes a troubling home video along the way.

Using the found footage genre to create a true sense of reality mixed with the audiences own anxieties, 'Surf' explores the dangers of trust granted though an online world.

The Team

Mike J Scott, Director 

Making films that lack the tedium of pleasantry, Mike is a visual artist who started in experimental film using sinister imagery along with an intricate editing style. He has now moved on to drama whilst keeping the same tones that have worked successfully for him in the past. He is a big advocate of the found footage genre and how immersive it can be for the audience, Mike is looking forward to creating a found footage thriller with more of an aesthetically cinematic edge whilst still engaging the audience in a beliveable reality.

Naomi Garrett, Producer

Naomi is an up and coming producer, with a passion for making exciting and innovative film and who has worked primarily in Manchester but also across the globe on commercials, music videos, short and feature length films throughout the last 6 years. Having co-produced on the wonderful Wild Flower for iShorts last year, and working on numerous other short films in 2016, Naomi is so excited to set out on this new and totally different venture with Mike J Scott. Naomi came on board with this project because she is looking forward to a whole new set of film production challenges, working with a brand new team on to be part of the development of a really unique script.

Eilis Healy, Co-Writer/Production Designer

Eilis Healy is an emerging Production Designer based in manchester, working on numerous short films and music videos with a variety of genre over the last four years. Excited to be co-writing Surf, combined with heading art department, Eilis feels this new challenge will allow for a more truthful and deeper connection to the story and characters when designing the spaces they move through and inhabit. Having worked on previous short films by Mike J Scott, Eilis felt the opportunity to bring this unique idea to life was something not be missed.


To support 'Surf', visit the team's CrowdfunderUK page.

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