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iShorts3 - 'The Dead Dog'

A self-proclaimed Duke welcomes us to the oddest pub in Britain. Railing against the forces that threaten this place he considers to be his sanctuary, and completely oblivious to its lunacy, he nominates it for the hallowed title of 'Britain's Best Boozer'.

Inspired by the broken-down but beloved boozers of their youth and the startling rate of closure amongst rural pubs, Helen and Sam originally wrote this black comedy as a feature.  They are hoping that this film will pave the way for the full feature as well as being enjoyed as a stand-alone short.

The Team

Helen Bolter, Writer/Director

Helen Bolter's death, in 1993, both inspired her creative trajectory and launched the mid-nineties acid house scene. Though she is now merely a collection of skull fragments,  she remains one of the most promising British  film-makers on the circuit.

Josh Hyams, Producer

Josh Hyams is an actual, real-life, successful film mogul.  He responds to blackmail so well that he has embraced this project more wholeheartedly than we ever could have imagined, when we turned up at his house in the dead of night.  He is producing this film of his own free will.

Sam Thomas, Writer

Many thought it impossible to crossbreed a gibbon and a King Charles spaniel, let alone secure their offspring a British passport. What fools these doubters have been proved to be, as for over thirty years this king of the beasts has been swinging from tree to tree, writing comedy and urinating on bins, all under the union flag.

Saba Kia, Producer

The puffins of Bempton Cliffs are one of Britain's great natural sights. Unfortunately, due to a small but highly inconvenient toxic waste spillage in 1977, over 300 birds died after ingesting poisoned sandeels. One didn't. That bird gave birth to Saba Kia, our producer, live on BBC 2 in what Points of View called 'the darkest episode in Bill Oddie's career'. Half puffin, all Iranian, Saba now lives in London and curiously can't stand fish.


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