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iShorts3 - 'The Knock'

Set in a council house in the East Midlands in the 80's, 'The Knock' is a 'coming of age/loss of innocence' film about the transition from childhood to adulthood and the impact a single moment can have on our lives.

Eddie's dad is working nights. In the living room, Eddie is killing imaginary foes with his sword, whilst his mum Carol makes his packed lunch in the kitchen. There is a knock at the door and Roger, a charming but unsettling stranger from Carol's past invites himself in.

This will be a cinematic look at the world from a 8 year old's perspective, and the way the adult world can effect the life of a child.

The Team

Philip Stevens, Writer/Director

Philip Stevens is an award-winning film and theatre director.  His short film 'Northmen' was nominated for the Polar Film Festival in Finland, The British Society of Cinematographers’ New Cinematography Night, Key Shorts Film Festival and a Royal Television Society award for best short drama.

His short film 'Greasepaint' won the 2011 Royal Television Society award for best short drama. More recently, his teaser trailer 'Humans' won the Celtx Seeds film award, has been nominated for the Northern Nights Film Festival.

Philip has written and directed two WWII short dramas 'By The Winter Sea', and 'Lancaster', which was selected for the best short film category at the 2014 BAFTA Accredited Aesthetica Film Festival.

In 2015 he completed 'The Road to Rome', a television documentary narrated by Sir Ian Mckellen in which he filmed a group of best selling ancient Roman fiction authors walking across Italy, and the short documentary ‘The Bank’s Endeavour’ featuring Sir David Attenborough.

He has just directed critically acclaimed UK and Ireland theatre tours of ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’, ‘The Secret Garden’ and ‘The Jungle Book’.

His most recent short film ‘The Forecast’ has been selected by the London Short Film Festival,  Kinofilm Festival Manchester, IndieLincs The Cannes film festival Short Film corner. He has also been nominated for a 2016 BUFTVC Learning on Screen award for his Magna Carta film 'The Empty Throne'.

Dominique Webb, Producer

Dominique has worked in the commercial film industry as well as the independent sector and has produced a wide range of genres including commercials, documentary, pop promos and fiction.  She recently worked with Philip Stevens as producer on 'The Forecast' (mentioned above) and combines her production work with her role as senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln, teaching and researching in film production.


To support 'The Knock', visit the team's CrowdfunderUK page.

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