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iShorts3 - 'Trigga'

'Trigga' is a short film inspired by true events and follows a young girl, Mae, who confronts the bullies with the help of her horse. 

As physical assaults become a daily reality, Mae retreats into a silent world and stops talking. Even her comedian father fails to get a laugh from her. Mae escapes the harsh reality of the bullies by galloping out at twilight on her trusty steed, Trigga. Everyone thinks Mae’s horse is a figment of her imagination until she takes Trigga into school. From that day, the bullying stops.

The Team

Meloni Poole, Director

Meloni Poole is a visionary director with a vibrant visual aesthetic at the heart of all her films. She has made films for Film4, the Film Council, the British Film Institute and The Arts Council of England that have been screened at international film festivals and broadcast on TV. Meloni has wanted to make 'TRiGGA' for some time and is thrilled to have Creative England supporting the project.

Deborah Aston, Producer

Deborah Aston has delivered a slate of successful award-winning short films and was nominated for a Royal Television Society award for feature documentary 'Made in Birmingham'. In her early teens, Deborah spent time living in Africa where her passion for animals grew and she decided she wanted to make films about animals, conservation and the environment.


To support 'TRiGGA', visit the team's CrowdfunderUK page.

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