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iShorts3 - 'Chippy Tea'

An ordinary Friday night and as usual the Railton sisters are having their traditional chippy tea. Secrets boiling under the surface and an unwanted guest mean that the usual Friday supper is turned on its head and things emerge that will change lives forever.

'Chippy Tea' is subtle character comedy in the tradition of great British comedies and tragic drama, that reflects on family and relationships when uncontrollable outside forces come into play.

The Team

Will Herbert, Director

My career in the creative industry started as a camera trainee around 8 years ago but the seeds of story telling and my love of cinema were planted much earlier. I would relentlessly watch movies from a very young age, my friends and I would remake them in the garden with video cameras and I went on to work and act in the theatre through my teens. At university I studied both Greek and Roman drama and comedy then my love of anime and eastern cinema lead me to move to Japan to experience life there. On my return I managed to secure a job on the Channel 4 show ‘Shameless’ where I spent 2 years absorbing the process and falling in love with the set. I soon moved into directing commercials and this is where I have been operating for the last few years.

I began making short films during this time, both serious and comedic in tone and they have gone on to be screened at 80 Film Festivals world wide, shown on TV in the UK, Australia and the US and have received multiple awards.

Fabian Martinez, Producer


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