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Iluma Studios - 'Get a Grip'

Illuma Studios was founded in mid 2014. Having discovered their team dynamic through years working together at university, they were ready to jump into the indie development world and start a gaming company. 

Get A Grip is a 3D endless free-climber for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. A raging fire is spreading through the jungle putting local wildlife in danger. With all directions set ablaze by a fiery inferno, rescue the lovable but exceptionally inflammable baby panda and take the only route out; up the endless jungle tree! 

Using your thumbs to control the ragdoll climber’s hands you can swipe, swing and fling your way to safety. Can you master the jungle swing and escape the fire? Test your endurance and skills against the ever rising inferno, or just your friends. Play on iOSGoogle Play and Windows Phone.

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