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iShorts 2015 Project - 'Franklin's Brain'

'Franklin's Brain' is a short, live action, character driven Sci-Fi about a man desperate to find meaning in his life, many years after his death.

Set in the 2090's, reclusive Tom lives and works alone on a small sewage plant in the West Country. His only companion, Franklin, is a box containing the thoughts and memories of a man born in the 1990s. Obsessed by the mystery of his own death, Franklin asks Tom to visit his grave where the clue to his death may lie.

The themes in the film explore the desperate search for meaning in our lives and how we struggle to let go of the past. The film revolves around the codependent relationship of the two main characters, both hopelessly afraid to move on.

The tone of the film is dark, but there are moments of comedy and joy and although it is a science fiction story it is very much based on the development of the characters and not just the futuristic world around them.

Writer/Director: Scott Quinn
Producer: Liam Hobbs

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