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iShorts 2015 Project - 'Holy Thursday'

‘Holy Thursday’ is a short film about Jack, a 15 year old paperboy, who after recently being made redundant is on the last day of his round. The same morning he’ll meet two very different men, who both offer Jack very different work propositions, the outcome of which could determine the direction of the rest of his life. 

The film looks at the lives of marginalised people in rural areas, as well as asking who can be held accountable for the impossible decisions young people are being forced to make in days of massive societal inequality.

Some the films influences involve Westerns, social realism, folktales and parables along with the coming of age film. Visually, we’re hoping to tell the story in a visceral, immediate and earthy way, illuminating it in golden and indigo shades of dawn.

Writer/Director: Moin Hussain (Kings Lynn)
Producer: Neil Morgan

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