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iShorts 2015 Project - 'Spiral'

'Spiral' is an unconventional drama about several generations of the same family, who find themselves in the midst of turmoil after the death of the family patriarch. 

Father and son must find a way to put their differences aside for the good of the household. However, their methods and actions have a sinister motive with regards to the son’s wife and their new born child.

Our writer/director, Richard Addlesee, has drawn heavily on his own experience of family life. Although ‘Spiral’ is a darker and more serious film than his previous works, it contains many of the same themes and ideas. It has a strong dramatic tone, full of fantastical secrets and hidden motives. 'Spiral' explores the uncanny nature of reality and the possible truths which lie in a world one-step removed from our own.

Writer/Director: Richard Addlesee (Manchester)
Producer: Paul Burdon

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