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iShorts 2015 Project - 'Stages'

'Stages' follows Richard, a smarmy yet lovable fellow, who arranges a fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant in a bid to impress his boss, and his boss's wife, and gain a promotion. 

He tries to prove to the couple that he is one heck of a classy guy, who has a penchant for fine wines, tiny artisan dishes, and the respect and love of his wonderful girlfriend Gwen who this film is really about. 

Gwen, is an outspoken comedian, who has been dragged along to this dinner to serve as perfunctory window dressing on the exact same day she has been diagnosed with an unfortunate fungal infection in her intimate area. All she wants to do is sit around with her legs in the air watching Netflix and eating cheesy cheesy pizza. BUT NO. She has to put on a show with Richard. Regardless, she does as any good girlfriend should, gets dressed up and puts on an act of propriety. 

But which is stronger for Gwen; the desire to see her slightly arrogant boyfriend succeed, or the need to find relief for her increasingly itchy infection? 

We flick between the increasingly disastrous meal at the restaurant and Gwen at a stand up gig a few nights later, where she provides scathingly witty commentary on the entire evening and wonders if, at the end of the day, her and her boyfriend should even be together at all?

Writer/director: Ellen Waddell (Bristol)

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