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iShorts 2015 Project - 'Straight Edge'

Straight Edge is a short dramedy set in the picturesque hills of Devon about the not-so-picturesque Pop Punk movement. Think Larry Clarke's Kids meets This Is England with a non-stop energy that doesn't let up.

The film follows Dan and his best friend, Louisa, who blindly follow their idol, Craig, into dangerous terroritory that will only end in tears.

I wrote this film for all the people who have been sucked into a sub-culture and spat out the other side, clinging onto their battered identity as it's spun around by a swarm of contradications. When you're growing up and have no idea who you are, the punks/goths/greebos/chavs/emos/hipsters/etc seem really inviting. I want to celebrate them, yet also explore the pitfalls in what is, ultimately, the most perfect training ground for self-discovery.

Director: Misha Vertkin (Okehampton)
Producer: Clem Garrity

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