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iShorts 2015 Project - 'Wild Flower'

'Wild Flower' is a personal film trying to give a balanced portrayal of mental illness. Showing that people and love can be complicated and that children can show incredible strength when responsibilty roles are reversed.

Eli (8) is ambivalent towards his mother Iris (Kate Dickie - 'Red Road', 'Game of Thrones'), who is dragging him and his little brother Flynn (4) to the solace of her childhood home. 

Both Eli and Flynn witness their mother's struggle with mental illness leaving Eli with no option but to take on the parental role. Set against the beautiful but isolating backdrop of a rural Scottish isle, this story is a personal journey of a child having to grow up too quickly; a story of survival and the resilience of children in the face of adversity.

Director: Claire Heather Molloy (Manchester)
Producer: Jason Winguard 

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