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iShorts3 - 'Belle and Bamber'

Bamber is Belle’s mischievous, imaginary blue friend who likes nothing better than exploring, toad in the hole and creating havoc. However, when Belle’s Mother pressures her to grow up and forget him, he has to take drastic action.

The film is a coming of age, dark comedy drama mixing familiar themes of fearing the future and losing ones childhood with the comically sociopathic (and increasingly vicious) Bamber as he is willing to do whatever it takes to stay in Belle’s life.

The Team

Alex Forbes (Director) 

Alex has been making films since he first picked up a camcorder, starting from the back-garden kung fu movies of his childhood to the weird mix of dark comedy and drama that he now concocts with the team. He is filled with the insatiable desire to tell stories… usually ones with a little sex, vulgarity and/or gratuitous violence sprinkled in just to spice it up. He enjoys moaning at Jack, actors who ‘really get’ him and writing about himself in the third person.

Jack Pollington (Producer) 

Jack found a love for producing when getting together his mates to shoot short comedies on Sunday afternoons, cultivating a passion for collaboration which has never left him. Jack's work spans fiction, documentary, comedy, drama and plenty in between. From working closely with Alex and his team at Fancy a Jam Pictures he has produced award winning work which has been screened at Camerimage festival in Poland, the BFI, the Skinny awards in Edinborough and New Filmmakers Festival in LA to name a few. He can mostly be found sat in his office grumbling over a spreadsheet or on an odd occasion, enthusastically handing out coffees on a busy set.  

Daniel O’Flaherty (Director of Photography)  

Daniel is a 'Guild of Televsion Cameramen' award winning cinematographer. He has been working with the team at Fancy a Jam Pictures since 2014 and has been the director of photography on all of their major projects since including 'Sunday Dinner with the Morgans', 'No Trace' and 'I Dream of Zombies. In 2014 Dan had his work featured at the prestigious Camerimage festival of Cinematography in Poland. He can mostly be found joyfully doodling storyboards or engaging in a rousing sing-song with his camera department.


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