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Knowledge Bites Plan Events To Highlight Pathways To UK Film Industry

Creative England and Puma Events and Training have come together to help bridge the gap between education and full time employment in the UK Film Industry. Knowledge Bites is a collaboration aimed at highlighting potential opportunities and pathways to work via eight full-day events hosted across the North of England. Four of these event days will be available to soon-to-graduate further education students throughout Summer 2014, while the remaining four events will take place during Autumn 2014 and provide assistance to those nearing the end of higher education.

Government Film Tax breaks are transporting high profile productions from all across the world to our regions, making Britain an unlikely hot spot for major film activity. However, there’s an increasing lack of people in each region with the relevant job skills to work on these productions. Knowledge Bites aims to tackle this issue head on by providing help and practical advice to all those interested in working in the UK Film Industry, from construction and electrical skills and hair and makeup, to running and junior production positions. These Talent Engagement Events aim to engage with interested students and offer them practical advice alongside an overview of the UK Film Industry and the opportunity to meet experts face-to-face to discuss what jobs are available. The overall aim of Knowledge Bites is to fill this regional job market gap and ultimately drive more production to the North of England.

The events will be ran by Puma’s experienced television producers and academic tutors Christine Pyke and Ric Michael, both of whom are eager to share their expertise to a new generation. “We have been delivering skills and employability training to students and media professionals for many years. This is a fantastic opportunity to marry the two to develop something that is very special. We are excited to be working alongside Creative England and a range of educational institutions to hopefully create practical and easily navigable pathways into the media for soon-to- be graduates.”

Overall, Knowledge Bites is a practical opportunity for young people with real career development potential. Each event will feature guest experts from a range of different production fields including carpentry, set design, hairdressing, VFX, animation and more. Group and one-on-one mentoring sessions will be available for each student who attends and a networking event featuring will take place at the end of each day where media professionals will be on hand to offer help and advice. 

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