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​Making a difference with knowledge

Respected business owners and industry experts share their experiences and discuss key challenges and issues in the creative sector.

Through the Cluster 2020 project, Creative England has developed a range of 60 expert video clips designed to help creative entrepreneurs succeed through a combination of case studies and practical tips, giving you the opportunity to access valuable insight from people who have truly ‘been there, done that'.

You can hear creative business owners, serial entrepreneurs such as Julie Meyer and former Dragon from ‘Dragons Den' Doug Richards, and our very own Caroline Norbury, Jaspal Sohal and Chris Moll, talk about funding, product innovation, collaboration, branding, internationalisation and much more…

Cluster 2020 is one of 9 projects from 13 countries that is part of European Creative Industries Alliance, ECIA, helping deliver smart, sustainable, growth through practical trials and tests around access to finance, voucher schemes, clustering and business support.

A full glossary of videos clips is provided below….

Marketing and Business Development

  • Tapping into Trends - How much attention should creative industries pay to trends in society, culture and products?
  • PR and Marketing - SMEs sometimes neglect PR and marketing but experts give their view on a vital part of business.
  • Selling - The best creative business won't succeed unless it can sell its content. Experts share their tips.
  • Staying Positive - Every creative business will go through tough times, so how do you stay positive and resilient?
  • Networking and Relationships - Creating connections between people and organisations is key to thriving as a business. Experts share their tips.
  • Intellectual Property - What does IP mean for the creative industries and how can you best protect and exploit it?
  • Customers and Audiences - A common mistake in business is forgetting your customer. Industry figures share their advice.
  • Branding - Industry experts give their tips on branding for SMEs in the creative industries.
  • Branded Content - Creatives share their experiences of creating Branded Content in a crowded market.
  • Risk-Taking - Being an entrepreneur always entails some element of risk; working in an industry that requires innovation requires you to take creative risks. How can you learn to live with risk?
  • Collaboration - For many SMEs collaboration is a route to success. How should you approach it?
  • International Collaboration - Creative industry experts share the challenges and rewards of international collaborations.


  • Money The Investors' View - How to create businesses access different types of finance? Investors share their advice.
  • Funding - The most challenging part of starting a business is funding: what are the options?
  • Growing A Company - Most companies aspire to grow, but what impact will this have on the business, its staff and culture?
  • Crowd Funding - Crowd funding can be an effective route to finance in the creative industries, but how should you best approach it?

Skills Development

  • Knowledge Exchange - The transfer of knowledge between creative industries and Universities can be productive for everyone. Experts share their experiences.
  • Convergence in Practice - Dick Penny of Watershed in Bristol shares his thoughts on collaboration and convergence in practice.
  • Business Plans - Creative industry experts give their views on creating – and using – an effective business plan.
  • Pitching - A pitch can make or break a commission, so what are the secrets of the perfect pitch?
  • Managing Workflow - As companies grow, workflow management can become complex. Industry experts share their experiences.
  • Leadership and Managing People - In business, people are your most valuable asset. How can you lead most effectively?
  • Staying Sane - Working in the creative industries can bring reward – but also stress. How can you achieve a work-life balance?
  • Attracting & Nurturing Talent - Finding, developing and retaining the right talent is key to a successful business, but how can you be sure to get it right every time?
  • Transferable Skills - How can skills in the creative industries be transferred across platforms?
  • Coping With Rejection - Rejection is inevitable in a pitching environment. How can you manage it?
  • Business Development
  • Business Advice