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'My Catalyst Moment' - Unmade

One of the key moments in our short history was being offered a space in Somerset House to build a shop in December 2014 and showcase what we'd been building. 

This changed the ways in which we operated as a company. As what we're doing is very different - almost unbelievable, having a space to invite the public, industry people and investors and show them what we'd been up to meant that we were no longer just an idea on a sheet of paper, but a real genuine alternative to the current approach to how fashion is designed and made.

We feel this ‘Catalyst Moment’ absolutely impacted the future of our company for the better. Having that platform and showcase - it enabled us to raise our seed round of investment (£2m) and helped us to start conversations with other designers, brands and retailers which has taken us to the next level. 

In terms of what we took away from this period of change, we found that showing your work and not hiding what you’re doing can be an amazing catalyst. We also learned that being open to communicate and work with others can take you to great places.

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