Jaspal Sohal in Games


RetroFist - 'Fire Fu'

RetroFist is an independent games developer based in the UK. It was founded in August 2013 by developers with over 28 years of experience creating hit games for leading publishers like Sony and Konami. RetroFist's gorgeously detailed games are crafted with an obsessive attention to detail using their very own multi-platform proprietary technology. 

Become a master of Fire-Fu and fulfil your destiny. Hordes of critters are advancing from the underworld and you are our last hope so wield your fire, FLAME UP and INCINERATE all that is before you to leave nothing but ASH! Beware the GLOOMIES but discover the power of magic potions to help you overcome them. This is your time, take a deep breath and prepare for action because you're about to become totally and utterly VOLCANIC! Download now on Windows Phone.

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