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Talent X Findings Revealed at Cannes Film Festival 2015

We're excited to reveal our exclusive findings from TalentX, the first ever international forum for talent developers.

Run in partnership with the  Danish Film Institute, the Irish Film Board and the Netherlands Film Fund, and supported by the EU’s Creative Europe programme, TalentX was designed to interrogate how we support, nurture and grow our best new film talent.

Held in March 2015, over 40 international talent developers were joined by a strong line-up of producers, sales agents, distributors and filmmakers, to debate some of the critical challenges they face in today’s global market. Read more about the launch of the programme here.

Six core recommendations emerged, encouraging talent developers to take a ‘fresh approach’, evolve their strategies with the changing markets, and better understand the new challenges faced by talent in the ‘real world’. These recommendations are:

  • Prioritise Producers: We must acknowledge and support the role of producers in developing talent – they are vital to the development of sustainable film business ecology.
  • Bridge the Gap between Public & Private: To effectively develop and progress talent for the ‘real world’, we must seek to better align the primary interests of public and private sectors.
  • Connect People, Develop Teams, Build Communities: We must be key advocates in connecting and championing talent within industry, working to build thriving creative communities.
  • Support Beyond First Features: For long-term career progression, it is essential to support directors beyond first features. The focus of public sector initiatives should not solely be on newcomers.
  • Drive Diversity & Discovery: We must increase understanding of the cultural and commercial value that can be added by a wider range of voices. We must tackle diversity throughout the value chain to bring wider representation into film journalism, funding and commissioning.
  • Take A Fresh Approach: The role of the ‘talent developer’ within the public sector needs to evolve with the changing markets, and with the challenges faced by talent in the ‘real world’, allowing for flexibility and failure.
Lisa Howe, Senior Skills Manager at Creative England, said:
“For film talent to thrive and succeed we must give time, energy and support to our talent developers, after all, it’s these people who help build great filmmakers and a successful industry.  TalentX was an incredible opportunity to look at how we do this, and I’m looking forward to putting our recommendations into practice.” 
Juan Gordon, Producer & Founder of Morena Films, said:  “The role of the producer has proven extremely important in developing in the careers of writers and directors, and I find that a stable relationship between a producer and a director is essential to the creative progression of that team.
 “I think producers provide a stable background where the director and the writer can create and develop their ideas and then discuss them creatively with the producer. I think this relationship is very important and I hope it’s given the proper relevance by funders in different countries.”

Talent X will return in 2016, to discuss the best ways to put the recommendations into practice across the industry. Read the full report here.

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