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Total Monkery - 'MagNets'

'MagNets' is a top-down 3D “collect-em-up” game set in the bright, wacky
world of Polarity City. Polarity City is a city of robots, one
exception – Polarity Park. Polarity Park is the last place on earth
where organic life grows, and it is populated by the precious – not to
mention adorable – little creatures called the Magnetpets. 

You are a
 Polarity Park Ranger, and the City’s Master Analysis and Organisation
Robot (MAyOR) has programmed you with the task of maintaining the
mindless maintenance “Bloxbots”. Any go wrong, you just scoop them up
in your electromagnetic net (or “MagNet”), turn them into scrap, and
take that scrap to the Recycletron. Simple! Find out more about Total Monkery.

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