VIDEOS: Marketing & Business Development Advice & Tips

Tapping into Trends - How much attention should creative industries pay to trends in society, culture and products?

PR and Marketing - SMEs sometimes neglect PR and marketing but experts give their view on a vital part of business.

Selling - The best creative business won't succeed unless it can sell its content. Experts share their tips.

Staying Positive - Every creative business will go through tough times, so how do you stay positive and resilient?

Networking and Relationships - Creating connections between people and organisations is key to thriving as a business. Experts share their tips.

Intellectual Property - What does IP mean for the creative industries and how can you best protect and exploit it?

Customers and Audiences - A common mistake in business is forgetting your customer. Industry figures share their advice.

Branding - Industry experts give their tips on branding for SMEs in the creative industries.

Branded Content - Creatives share their experiences of creating Branded Content in a crowded market.

Risk-Taking - Being an entrepreneur always entails some element of risk; working in an industry that requires innovation requires you to take creative risks. How can you learn to live with risk?

Collaboration - For many SMEs collaboration is a route to success. How should you approach it?

International Collaboration - Creative industry experts share the challenges and rewards of international collaborations.

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