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Connect to industry-leaders and gain exclusive access to training and networks with Creative Enterprise: designed to grow your business.

Creative Enterprise is bringing together companies who work in moving image for storytelling, spanning film and television, games and technology, to build meaningful connections and create opportunities for business growth.

Through exclusive events and bespoke workshops led by industry leaders and mentors, Creative Enterprise will provide expertise and training to futureproof the next generation of moving image companies.

Creative England is a national body with experience in growing businesses through programmes of bespoke support, investing in over 350 companies across film, technology and games. We truly understand creative business and we help them by providing a combination of tailored investment and support to develop new business models, deliver products and services and take risks on innovation.

Creative Enterprise has been developed with National Lottery funding from the BFI, to make the moving image sector sustainable through creating new business opportunities through training and building of networks, whilst growing and scaling existing businesses.

Creative Enterprise is an ongoing national programme.

Email creativeenterprise@creativeengland.co.uk for enquiries and register here to be kept up to date with exclusive networking events, workshops, and access to industry-leading expertise. 

industry equals: women in screen

applications are now closed.

Creative England has launched Industry Equals: Women in Screen to celebrate and highlight female leaders delivering innovative work in the creative industries, create future opportunities for business growth and for the participants to build meaningful connections and a network of support during and beyond the programme.

Industry Equals: Women in Screen will provide intensive leadership coaching with high-profile voices from across the creative industries during over a two-day retreat and receive three subsequent mentoring sessions with key industry figures over a period of five months.

The programme will bring together ten female leaders based in the English regions outside of London who are working in storytelling for moving image across Film, TV, Games and Digital who will soon be looking to scale their business.

Find out more here.

market trader

applications are now closed.

International markets are a great opportunity for film professionals to make contacts, present their projects and negotiate deals setting the landscape of their future business. However, without the right skills and understanding, attending these festivals and markets doesn’t always yield the best results and can sometimes be counter-productive.

The purpose of this programme is to equip participants with the knowledge and support they need to understand the film market better, to plan and target their approach and come away from international markets with the best possible results.  Bringing together producers, distributors and sales agents at the earlier part of their career will also increase awareness of each other’s roles and help build stronger networks for the future.

Find out more here.


applications are now closed.

Designed by investors with a wealth of experience investing in thriving screen businesses, Evolve has been created for screen businesses with real ambition who are seeking investment to grow and succeed.

The programme will take on 20 companies from across the English regions and prepare their company for growth through a series of one-to-one sessions, investor introductions, pitching platforms and combined peer-to-peer group workshops, intended to challenge and prepare companies for further investment and growth.

Successful applicants will receive an in-depth review of their business at the start of the programme to better understand their performance and market position. Over the six-month programme each participant will receive up to five tailored private sessions with Creative England advisors, as well as access to pitching sessions and group workshops

new ideas fund

applications are now closed.

Creative England can offer investments between £500 and £15,000 for new and innovative business proposals. Newer companies and proposals looking for lower amounts are likely to receive grants, whilst higher-value proposals and more established companies are likely to be offered loans. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

mentoring fund

applications are now closed.

Many creative companies benefit from third party help but we know that the cost of such expertise can be off putting when prioritising your business expenditure. Through our Mentoring Fund, Creative Enterprise will pay up to £2,500 to subsidise the cost of working with an expert to provide advice to your company and help move your business forward.

See our mentoring & consultancy support guidelines here.

workshops and masterclasses

We facilitate and deliver a range of bespoke workshops and masterclasses across the English regions, working with industry partners and high profile speakers to deliver business development and growth for moving image entrepreneurs. Our events provide opportunities to build business acumen, expertise, broaden networks and discuss future trends with valuable insights from some of the key players in the creative industries.