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In light of the current coronavirus crisis, we have adapted the Future Studios programme by hosting a series of six free online webinars to support screen companies. Find out more about each webinar below.

Future Studios will provide business support to screen companies (film, TV, games, immersive and digital) with a narrative/storytelling focus.


Gavin James- Money, Deals, Business: Film and TV Financing and Distribution [90 minutes]

Tuesday 19th May at 2pm

In this session, we covered what you can learn from film financing and film profit sharing, from two angles of streamer financing and traditional (independent and studio) film financing.  We also looked into streamer financing of series, traditional financing of TV broadcast series, as well as film distribution agreements and royalty reporting. To finish the session, we looked at what a collection account manager does, why you need one, and what a revenue waterfall looks like, and rounded off the webinar by giving some pointers about how to build a business plan for your enterprise, and maybe what potential investors will look for.

Watch the full webinar here:

Alison Norrington- The Future of Storytelling [60 minutes]

Thursday 21st May at 2pm

Alison will talk about the fundamentals of narrative across non-linear, immersive and experiential highlighting some core questions around emotional outcomes, building a storyworld, theme and experience design.

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Tim Reid- Developing Ideas: Creativity and Culture [90 minutes]

Tuesday May 26th at 2pm

During this webinar Tim shared his thoughts on what creativity is and how we can all get better at it. He shared a range of tried and tested tools and techniques, with stories, for how to tackle any challenge and have bigger, better ideas. And he talked through different ways of working that we can all steal from the world of comedy.

Watch the full webinar here:

Disruptive Thinking- Pitch Like a Pro [90 minutes]

Thursday May 28th at 2pm

How to pitch – during COVID-19 and beyond. Disruptive Thinking took delegates through effective pitching techniques with guidance on how to articulate their business proposition clearly. Whether you’re pitching for a project or investment over video call, or just trying to succinctly tell somebody what you do, this webinar provided a straightforward structure to follow. They were also joined by Nick Ellis, founder of Halo creative agency for a 30 minute Q&A.

Watch the full webinar here:

Rachel Richardson-Jones [60 minutes]

Thursday June 2nd at 2pm

Film Producer and Festival Director talks about her career path, the leap from Corporate & Commercials to Feature Films and her decision to work within the genre sector in both Feature Films and the Film Festival GRIMMFEST. Insights into how she has survived in the low budget sector, the importance of attending initiatives such as Market Trader and the new ventures and models she and her team are embracing in these turbulent times. Why the launch of the production arm of the festival, Grimmfest films and most recently Grimmfest TV and how this is helping to keep her business sustainable and relevant.

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Stuart Blackburn- Pitch Perfect: How to Sell Your Idea [90 minutes]

Tuesday 14th July at 2pm

Pitch Perfect is about that crucial time when you’re trying to sell your show or film. The treatment is the sales pitch, the document that decides whether your project will ever see the light of day. There is no perfect formula, every show will be different and no two Producers or Indies will want the same thing. But, there is a structure that works, key elements that if you get right will get you one step closer to success. This session isn’t a lecture, it’s a chat, a discussion so your input is vital. We will also create time to address the impossible problem facing us all. How can our work reflect the ‘new normal’ when we may not know what that is for months.

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